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My name is Ashley Metesh-McCoy and I am the owner and lead travel advisor at Kinship Vacations.


Kinship Vacations is a travel design firm that serves two very important needs:


  1. We are a network of talented travel advisors that help people plan unique travel experiences that create new memories and deepen connections; and,

  2. We provide fun, fulfilling, and long-term career opportunities to military spouses and veterans that provide them unlimited income potential in a portable business model that can go wherever life (or, the military) takes them.


As a former military brat, former Army Officer, and currently, the proud spouse of a career Army Officer, I know firsthand the challenges and opportunities that come with a life of service to our country.  

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One of the greatest opportunities that come with the military lifestyle is the constant travel, which is why military spouses and veterans make the perfect travel advisor. The military requires that its service members move all over the world to fulfill their duties and most of the time, the family goes right along with them. We get to know destinations better than the locals often do, because we live there long enough to get immersed, but we don’t live there so long that we take for granted the “touristy” highlights.  


This same opportunity to travel also comes as a challenge for military spouses in particular, making it difficult for them to maintain a fulfilling and progressing career. Did you know that military spouses are currently unemployed at a rate four times higher than the general US population? Yet, we are almost twice as likely to have post-high school education under our belt! Kinship Vacations provides these same highly educated, highly skilled military spouses the opportunity to take control of their careers.


By using our vast travel knowledge acquired over years of living in all the corners of the world, we can help you plan a memorable and priceless vacation for you and the ones you love. And, by working with us, you are an enabling a very-deserving community the opportunity to flourish and grow despite the challenges they face as a result of their choice to serve our country!


We would love to help you plan our next vacation. Let’s chat about it this week!

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