Ashley Metesh-McCoy, Owner/ Lead Travel Advisor; Certified Leisure Travel Specialist in Group Travel


I help people and organizations plan culturally-immersive vacations that allow them to experience the “soul” of the destination and strengthen the relationships that mean the most to them.


Specialties: Premium and Luxury, cultural-immersion travel for groups. Revenue producing group travel for small businesses and nonprofits. Europe (specifically Adriatic countries: Italy, Slovenia, Croatia…) and the US National Parks.

Mom. Wife. Army Veteran. Dog lover. Foodie. Artist. Wanderluster. 


Bringing people together through travel is what I live for! I want to make your travel dreams come true! Who doesn’t love to travel?! To me, travel is an opportunity to grow individually and in relationships through shared experiences in new cultures. Every time I travel, I love to reconnect with my loved ones. Travel eliminates the distractions of everyday life and allows me to focus on what’s important.


I grew up living all over the world, including Italy for three years. My parents were divorced so I went home to Montana to be with my dad at least once/ year. Every time I would go home I would feel restored, not just because I got to be around my loved ones and reconnect, but because I felt a true connection to the land and culture of Montana. There I could connect with nature and connect with myself – I still go back as often as possible to restore my soul.

In the same vein, I still move all the time as a military wife, so I am always traveling to be with family or to spend time with my husband after being apart for months. I use these opportunities to get away from everyday life and reinvigorate my relationships. I love to experience new cultures and foods with my loved ones. I feel this is a great way to get to know each other again.

More fun facts about me: 

  • I met my husband in Afghanistan where we both served in the US Army

  • I am only missing one state in my quest to visit all the states in the USA:  Alaska

  • I have two wonderful daughters

  • I have two dogs and two cats, and I often travel with my dogs

  • Good, local food is my personal #1 priority during travel

  • I recently worked for nearly two years in corporate strategy for Carnival Corporation, the company that owns nine major cruise lines and roughly half of the world’s cruise capacity

  • I have a bachelor’s in art history from the University of Washington in Seattle, WA with a focus on Italian Renaissance Art and Architecture – I am a great art and architecture history vacation planner!

  • I was a Military Intelligence Officer in the Army before I got my MBA at the George Washington University in Washington, D.C.

  • I am an INFP, borderline ENFP

Ashley Metesh-McCoy in Rome -Siobhan wit
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