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One of Kinship Vacations’ specialties is group travel. More specifically, we love to help other businesses add revenue streams, nonprofits raise funds, and affinity groups see the world through custom group travel experiences!

Traveling in a group, big or small, is a great way to travel! Here’s why:

  • You create long-lasting bonds with your travel buddies. Whether you are traveling with people you know for an opportunity to reconnect or complete strangers with shared interests and passions, you will inevitably grow closer to your travel companions.

  • It’s fun!  There are inevitable gaps and downtime experiences during travel itineraries. From layovers, train rides, “out-to-sea” days on cruises, having a diverse group of people offers a lot of opportunities to pass the time in a more fun way.

  • Exclusive experiences. When you travel in a group you can often arrange exclusive/ private and/or specialized experiences, such as: private shore excursions just for your group on your cruise, or specialized tours that suit your group’s interests.

  • It can save you money. With volume, comes discount. Usually, the more people you have, the more of a discount you can get.

  • As a group leader, you can usually travel free! With most travel itineraries, once you reach a certain number of people/ rooms booked, the group leader often gets part or all of their trip free.

  • There is safety/ security in numbers. I think we all feel insecure sometimes in a new place. Traveling with buddies can help you feel (and be) more secure.

What kinds of group trips can I take?

The sky is the limit! You tell us what you envision, and we’ll customize an experience perfect for your group. Here are some of our favorite examples of group trips:

Sounds great! How do I travel with my group? 


  1. First, decide what kind of group you want to take.

  2. Second, decide where you want to go.

  3. Fill out Kinship Vacations’ Group Leader Form.

  4. We do the hard stuff like booking and planning. You invite all the people you want to take!

  5. Then, you go on vacation with your group on a trip that will create lifelong friendships and memories, while you have the option of traveling free and raising money for your organization!

Want to hear more? Read a couple of my articles on this very topic.


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