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We are a network of professional travel advisors focused on using our years of travel experience, education, and passion to bring you the most unique and memorable vacation you’ve ever taken!


We provide full-service travel advisory services including but not limited to the following:

  • Consultation – each trip is unique based on our clients’ desires

  • Design - custom itinerary made just for you

  • Booking - hotel, air, transportation, and tour booking

  • Concierge - restaurant recommendations, reservations, and special event celebrations

  • Advisory – destination facts, custom Google maps, and travel do’s/don’ts

  • Convenience – we do all the tedious research, double-checking, confirming, and coordinating so you don’t have to

  • Protection – we recommend travel insurance so that you can have peace of mind when you travel

  • Easy – pay online, see your itinerary from a convenient mobile app, and communicate via messaging apps

  • Personal Touch – we are human beings, attentive to your needs, not a 1-800 phone number with voice prompts

  • Extra perks – we try our best to use our connections and work with suppliers on each and every trip to give all of our clients the VIP-treatment


As with any attentive and professional service, one expects to pay a fee to receive the value-added from the years of education and experience of the professional advisor. The best travel advisors out there will always charge a professional fee for the time and love put into each and every trip. We are no different!


We are a network of independent business owners; therefore, we all have different fee schedules based on our individual areas of expertise and the level of service we provide.  As we mentioned before, each trip is very different from the last, so our pricing can vary based on complexity, length, number of travelers, and other factors.

To get a quote on the trip you have in mind, please fill out our trip planning form and schedule a complimentary initial consult with us.



Our services include but are not limited to the following:


  • Custom-designed vacation packages

  • Ocean or river cruise vacation packages

  • Escorted tour packages

  • All-inclusive resort packages

  • Custom group tour packages (10+ people)

  • A la carte travel booking

  • A la carte travel consultations

  • A la carte travel concierge services

  • Annual travel planning packages (for those that travel often)





Each individual travel advisor in our network may offer different discounts and promotions; therefore inquire with each of these advisors directly for more info. Generally speaking, we consistently provide the following discounts:


  • Military/ first responder discounts

  • Multiple household discounts


We fully understand and appreciate the value of a great vacation experience and how it can strengthen the relationships of the people you are traveling with. We have all experienced years of hardship away from our family due to our choice to commit to a life of public service for this great nation.  For this reason, we want to make every vacation of yours magical, memorable, and priceless. We know everyone has a different budget that they can work with and often times, people are just not aware of the true cost of travel, especially to certain destinations. Therefore, we focus primarily on VALUE when designing you a vacation, rather than PRICE. Of course we are respectful of your budget, but if we know that for a nominal extra monetary contribution on your part that you’ll have an exponentially better experience on your vacation, that is absolutely something we’ll recommend for you!



  1. You get started by filling out our short trip planning form.

  2. You select a good time on our calendar for our complimentary initial consultation.  

  3. We chat for about 30 minutes about your trip ideas. I share my initial thoughts, tips, and ask you some questions. During this meeting we discuss fees and we decide if we are a good fit for each other.

  4. If you want to work with us, we agree on some specifics and we get to work designing your vacation. We use our connections, years of experience, exclusive research tools, and booking sites to create you an itinerary that you love. Sometimes this process takes a couple of tweaks, but that’s ok! We want to make it perfect for you.

  5. When the trip design and itinerary is just right for you, we book the trip components for you. Then we put together all your trip documents and details in an awesome itinerary app that you can download and access offline conveniently. Check out this sample itinerary.  We also print out and send your itinerary and travel documents in the  mail along with some other fun and useful items.

  6. Then you turn on your “out-of-office” message and go on your vacation, all the while knowing that we’re available to assist you during your travels if you need it.  

When you return, you are so impressed that you share your pictures all over social media tagging us (#travelbettertogether #kinshipvacations), leave us a glowing review on our Facebook page, and recommend our services to everyone you know that desperately needs an amazing vacation!




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