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Best Time to Book Flights by Season (and Other Flight Hacks)

If you are a frequent flyer, chances are you have a few tricks of your own for getting the best deal when you travel. These guidelines will set you on the right path to becoming a seasoned flyer that can hold on to your duckets.

Winter/Fall (63 - 70 days in advance) – With weather being unpredictable, it is best to book for an early morning flight. This will give you time to find an alternate flight by days end if necessary. This way your chances of missing a day due to weather are decreased significantly. Another great tip during the holidays is to wrap gifts after you reach your destination. As for both seasons, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are best for booking flights. You can save an average of $85 on flights if you’re within these parameters.

Spring (90 days in advance) – Fuel costs have been dropping, due to this fact, you can easily save 10% on booking nonstop in the Spring months. Midweek bookings can save you up to 25%. Tuesday is the best day to book in the Spring (especially during Spring break). Keep in mind that the weeks of February 9th, March 23rd and April 6th are the most expensive to book for Spring travel. Following the 90 – day window, you can save roughly $265 on airfare.

Summer (48 days in advance) – In the summer months, the ideal time to travel is mid-August through mid-September. You will hit with much higher charges when booking in July. It is better to book during the middle of the week in the Summer as well. A plus to the Summer months is that Business class is much cheaper oppose to all the other seasons. You can save $200 or more on airline tickets with these rules in mind.

Below are some other great hacks to consider:

  • Check sites like Skyscanner, Google Flights and Kayak for best rates

  • Clear your cookies and use different tabs. Once a site can see your trip search, they tend to raise prices

  • Layover flights are cheaper than non-stop

  • Look into your hometown’s ‘Fifth Freedom Flights’ (discounted rates and newer planes)

  • Book one-person flights even when traveling with a group, it’s cheaper

  • Don’t rely on popular airlines when traveling internationally – try WOW Air, XL Airways France and Norwegian

Booking flights are necessary for most travel and you always want to get the best bargain possible. With these tips and your own research, you should be flying with confidence and money to spare!

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