Kinship Vacations is not an MLM!

We just want to take a moment to set the record straight. This is a question we ALWAYS get from people learning about us and our program designed specifically for military spouses and veterans to start a home-based travel agency. Inevitably the second or third question we always get is some form of...

“So, are you an MLM (multi-level marketing) company?”

“What company are you with?”

“Are you a direct-sales company?”

The quick answer to this question is: no, we are not an MLM or direct-sales company.

I realize why this is being asked though. The military spouse community, in particular, is over-inundated with MLM/direct sales opportunities.

It makes sense, right? MLMs/ direct sales companies offer something a milspouse can operate from home, without need for childcare and can take anywhere the military sends him/her. Military spouses NEED portable, home-based careers.

For crying out loud! The milspouse unemployment rate is 28% according to Blue Star Families’ latest survey.

The other reason I’m asked if Kinship Vacations is an MLM all the time is that the milspouse and veteran community are weary of new business “opportunities”. They are weary at this point of being preyed upon by shady businesses, like for-profit online colleges and money lenders.

I get it.

I am not disparaging MLMs/direct sales companies. Many of these companies have provided many people an opportunity to grow immense wealth. However, for MOST people the recruiting business model does not work and is not the best way to start out a business.

For new travel advisors in particular, I do not recommend starting your new career with a travel MLM. I believe that it is important to first learn the mechanics of being a travel agent/advisor before you start recruiting other people to do it underneath you.

There are travel agency MLMs* out there and here are my brief (general) thoughts on them:

(1) Consumers should not work with agents affiliated with travel MLMs, because rather than focusing on providing clients the best travel experience possible, agents in travel MLMs are focused on recruiting new agents. There is a high attrition rate in this companies as there is in all MLMs; therefore, it is not a good idea as a consumer to work with most of these travel agents. They could book you a cruise one day and be totally unreachable as soon as its time for you to take your cruise, leaving you hanging without the service you should receive from a travel agent.

(2) As I said before, new agents should not work with travel agency MLMs. Your “upline” team has no incentive for you to become a great travel agent. They are more incentivized for you to bring on new travel agents under you. Therefore, they’ll spend less time helping you learn your trade and more time pressuring you to recruit new travel advisors. I think we can all imagine how long that will last for most people.

(3) Frankly, a majority of the travel agents in these MLMs are unprofessional and give the rest of us travel agents/advisors a bad name. Once a consumer works with one travel agent and has a bad experience, they may never want to work with another travel agent again. Similarly, many travel suppliers/consortia WILL NOT work with a travel MLMs, because they don’t want their named dragged into all that unprofessionalism.

Kinship Vacations is a group of professional travel advisors. We take our trade and expertise seriously. We are trained/ educated with the industry’s best curriculum for new travel advisors, Gifted Travel Network’s Travel MBA Program. We continuously receive mentorship, conduct masterminds, and group meetings to help support each other be the best travel business owners we can be. We also use proven systems, tools, and procedures that provide our clients the best experience possible before, during, and after they travel on one of our uniquely-designed trips. To top this all off, we belong to a host agency that is now a member of Virtuoso, the world’s foremost luxury consortia.

Kinship Vacations was birthed/ founded/ created and continues to be nourished by its founder, Ashley Metesh-McCoy, a milspouse, Army vet, mom, and travel professional. Ashley wants to share this amazing industry with other milspouses. She knows milspouses KNOW TRAVEL as a result of their worldwide PCSs. She knows milspouses NEED portable, fulfilling, home-based careers. Finally, she knows how to make a SUCCESSFUL travel career happen. The more talented, enthusiastic, passionate, and driven milspouses and veterans we get on our team, the better we get!

What do you think?

Does this make you feel better about us?

Are you thinking about joining our team?

Here are the next steps:

1) Check out our program details at

2) Fill out our short application at: Application

3) Schedule a travel career exploratory call with our resident mil/travelpreneur, Ashley Metesh-McCoy

4) Talk to a Kinship Vacations to get their feedback on the training and mentorship program provided by Kinship Vacations. To get connected, simply go to our website, find one of the participants emails and send them an email.

*For more info on travel agency MLMs, please read Host Agency Reviews’ thoughts on them here:

Also, MILSPOs BEWARE! I’ve been in several Facebook groups for milspouses with travel agents from MLM companies that will pipe in conversations telling people things like, “I work with the industry’s oldest travel agency. We are looking for advisors.” Then when you follow their business link you discover they are affiliated with an MLM.

The other tricky thing that MLMs will tell their travel agents to do is, to create a custom URL/domain/Facebook link that is something like, “Travel with Suzie”, or “Palm Tree Travel”, so it LOOKS LIKE an independent travel agency, but when you follow all the links back to their true business page and/or look at their email address, you see that they are affiliated with a travel MLM. The point here is, do your research before you join a travel agency!

In the meantime...

Happy Wanderlusting!